Michael and Anastasia

Our Story

On November 4th, 2018, Michael pulled off a cunningly planned surprise proposal (helped by Anastasia’s friends and sister). She was totally surprised! Thus began happy times of planning, dreaming, and sharing about our upcoming Big Day. Welcome to our site!

Michael and Anastasia

Joy Anastasia

Some call me Joy, some call me Anastasia, and most people have called me Angelina, my twin sister’s name, a time or two.

I was born and raised in small town Central Pennsylvania, the firstborn in a family of seven. After graduating high school, I spend a few years of working odd jobs and traveling the world, eventually going to Harrisburg Area Community College and Shippensburg University for a degree in Elementary Education. I now have been teaching second grade for five years, and have a masters degree in Educational Strategies and Development. I love Jesus, forests, travel, people, dancing, and beauty in all its forms.

And, I very much love Michael Brewer!


After gallivanting about the globe for much of my 20’s working with Youth With A Mission in various Discipleship programs, I returned to Central Pennsylvania to regroup and consider my long term direction. At that time I was quite convinced that this was just a weigh-station before heading off to plant myself permanently overseas somewhere. As He often does though, the Lord had other plans. Along came this dear, sweet, warm, genuine woman who loves the Lord and wants to honor Him with her life. It became clear that perhaps there was more to my time here than I had thought, and we began to explore together what a future might look like.

We look forward to how we can create a new identity together in Christ, and how that may lead us in the years ahead.

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